Aspro is an international company dedicated to manufacture and commercialize compression systems for CNG refueling stations since 1984, and through it worldwide representative network is present in 45 countries with over than 5000 compressors.
Its trajectory and experience have made up Aspro one of the most well known and influential companies in the CNG market, offering new solutions, products and technologies to continue along with the development of a clean, economic and safe fuel in the world.

Aspro philosophy is based in four key pillars that consolidate its expansion and international leadership:

  • The value of its collaborators to offer a service of excellence.
  • Constant investigation and development to create new innovative technology of global application.
  • A wide product line, manufactures with the highest technology and adaptable to each customer needs.
  • Its products´ reliability and the after-sales service, guaranteeing effective solutions all around the world.