CNG Refueling Stations

CNG Refueling Stations

Packaging, installation, commissioning and after sales services of CNG refueling station equipment

The executive activities of the group mainly include constructing CNG refueling stations for automobiles. Asia Petro Gas Company as one of the companies in the group having exclusive Representation from Delta Compression with Aspro International Products in the Middle East during the past 15 years implemented the design, engineering and executive management phases for constructing more than 200 CNG stations throughout Iran. Some of these equipment are as follows:


Compressors of SCA50 model is a small unit that contains all the devices required by Natural Gas refueling station. The small dimension of SCA50 compressor and its sophisticated technology facilitates using this compressor in the industrial and residential complexes and companies.

▣ Inlet pressure 0.2 to 50 Bar (2.9 to 725 PSI)
▣ Outlet (flow rate) capacity 80 to 350 Nm³/h
▣ Horizontal compressor having 2-3-4-5 compression stages
▣ Direct couple power transmission system
▣ Electromotor
▣ 37 to 45 kilowatt power (50 to 60 HP)
▣ Air cooling system
▣ Lubrication system ▣ Tank capacity 500 liters appropriate with its type


Compressors of IODM 115 model, efficient and of high capacity are an ideal solution for high capacity, safe and high operational performance CNG refueling stations.

▣ Inlet pressure 0.2 to 45 Bar (2.9 to 653 PSI)
▣ Outlet (flow rate) pressure of 400 to 1800 Nm³/h
▣ Horizontal compressor having 2-3-4-5 compression stages
▣ Reciprocating drive force
▣ Electromotor
▣ 90 to 160 kilowatt power (120 to 220 HP)
▣ Air cooling system
▣ Lubrication system
▣ Final stage compression condenser


AS 120 G

AS 120 G Dispensers are built of solid stainless steel and suitable for CNG refueling stations for light automobiles.

▣ Average flow rate 10 Nm³/min
▣ 1, 2, 3 line system for refueling
▣ Emergency flow connection breakers
▣ Based on standards NGV-1, NGV-2, NZ filling nozzle
▣ Mechanical and electronic interruption of gas injection due to excess flow
▣ Gas filter inlet
▣ Displays fuel price for each or total refueling
▣ Strong connection terminals



Aspro’s standard tanks are used to store gas for each CNG stations leading to the consistency of pressure and flow rate during refueling time. The compressor consists of components as follows:

▣ Pressure detectors for tanks
▣ Pressure displays
▣ Safety valves
▣ Disconnection valves for excess flow
▣ Connecting and disconnecting switching valves for inlet gas into cylinders
▣ Non-return valves for gas at various stages
▣ Resistant stainless steel pipes and body



Control Panel Boards are designed and built using parametric method for the purpose of controlling performance of various parts of refueling stations and controlling the safety systems of various parts of CNG station:

▣ Soft starter command system along with by Pass contactors
▣ Capable of connecting to capacitor bank system
▣ Safety system connected to emergency button
▣ Display system for electrical parameters and quantities
▣ Thermal magnetic protection system for dispensers
▣ Thermal protection for main motor fan
▣ Colorful touch screen
▣ Barrier Zener safety system
▣ Displays temperature and pressure parameters at various stages in both the digital and analog mode
▣ Protective cover